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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

A mobile app from STG is the natural next step in making things easier for your target audience.


Connect & Engage

A mobile app offers another and more personal way to connect with your audience. With around 2.6 billion people having high-powered mobile devices a mobile app allows you to easily engage users anytime, anywhere.

Build your Brand

Having a mobile app can strengthen your brand simply by existing. Everytime users see and use your app your brand recognition grows and providing a good experience will keep them coming back.

Provide Value

With an app you can provide unique experiences to your users that are convenient, easy to access, and simple. The more you provide to your audience through an app, the more they'll want to use it and interact with your company.

Stand Out

Apps are a great way to stand out from the competition and appeal to the younger crowds. Having an app shows you are keeping up with the times and adds credibility to your business.

Lansing Networking App
Fifth Wheel Freight APP

Location Services

Make use of geo-targeting by targeting your audience when they are nearby and sending them alerts or deals. You can use their location to find local weather forecasts, find a nearby store, alert them to events in the area, and much more!

Increase Productivity

With an app any process can be completed with just a few taps. In many cases the same task on an app is faster then opening a web browser and doing the same task on a website.


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