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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Our clients are very good in their line of work, but we’ve found that some of them struggle with effectively using technology. This is where we come in. We can help you analyze the workflows and processes in your business or organization, and suggest ways in which a better use of technology could make these more effective and efficient. Some of these things are just minor inefficiencies like using paper forms instead of electronic forms that can automatically insert into a database. Other things are more serious such as failure to have an adequate backup plan in place.

Technology Consulting

Off-site backup is simpler than ever and unbelievably affordable, and yet we still find people that never backup their important files. Another concern is the fact that many businesses are backing up their data, but infrequently check to make sure that it could actually be restored in the event of an emergency. It would be disappointing enough to lose your personal files, but losing your business files is something you cannot afford.

Document Management

Does your office rely on paper files or electronic files? How much time do you spend trying to find the documents that you are looking for? Modern Document Management Systems can help you organize, search, archive, and backup your files. Contact us today to see a free, live demo to see how Document Management could help save you time.


  • • On Site & Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies.
  • • Web, Email, Social Networking Marketing Strategies.
  • • Hardware & Software Recommendations.
  • • On Site Training.

Social Networking Marketing Strategies

Our first step in aiding you with Social Networking is to determine which types of networking, such as email blasts, social media, blogs, or other networking, are the best fit for your company.

For example: Facebook may not be the best place for a law firm to try to sell their services. However, publishing blog articles detailing recent laws or legal advice that may help clients make more informed decisions will help to draw more traffic to your site, and as a result, hopefully increase your number of clients.

Shumaker Technology Group is pleased to offer both social media services and training. Available for groups and individuals. More information available on our Search Engine Optimization Page.


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