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The Topps Company

The Topps CompanyWe are a sports & entertainment and confectionery company, and we had a file room with tons of paper in it. We decided to go paperless. In the beginning we faced some challenges with internal creation and scanning, but within 6 months we were able to scan over 400,000 pieces of paper and get rid of the 18 cabinets that held all the paper. We've since restructured the space into employee workstations.

We started using the system as just a document retention engine, but we ended up using the accounts-payable workflow capabilities. We now have over 100 workflows in the system that route invoices to the appropriate personnel and eventually to the Accounts Payable department for payment and approval. We also use the PDF-form tool for our pension-payment generation. We have external data pulled from an Access database to populate fields on the QCards, and we do an external import from our bank to get check images for the accounts-receivable and broker community we service.

The best functionality of the system is its ease of customization. Everything is at your fingertips, and you can make the folder structure your own.

The reason we went with Content Central was because of the non-modular structure, which baselined the price. Other companies we spoke to wanted to charge as much as 10 times the amount we ended up purchasing this system for. We did 18 months of research over 9 products and ended up going with Content Central. Content Central has truly been worth every penny.

IT Business Analyst
The Topps Company

Kevin R Krizan Insurance Agency

Kevin R Krizan Insurance AgencyI began searching for a document management program shortly after my server and program that I had been using crashed in early 2007. I knew that the old program was reaching its maximum capacity, and I was not happy with the features that it offered. It was adequate when I started in business eight years ago, but I had definitely outgrown it.

I decided to find a program that better fit my business and that could grow with my business. I happened to do an internet search and came across a program called Content Central that looked very interesting. I requested information about their product, and a solutions consultant contacted me to schedule a live demo to show me the features. Much to my surprise the Content Central product offered many of the features that a more expensive program had, and it actually had a couple more that were very valuable to me. The pricing was extremely reasonable, and the fact that they helped me get a new server from one of their suppliers was priceless.

Installation was seamless and my IT guy said that he had never had a third-party install go so well.

The technical support is first class and support reps are very hands on and can handle any problem that you can throw at them. Additionally, their chat support is very easy, and the service operators are extremely knowledgeable.

You won't be disappointed!

Kevin Krizan
Kevin R Krizan Insurance Agency

Green Hills Software

Green Hills SoftwareContent Central has provided GHS with a fully searchable, organized database of our legal, accounting, and IT documents. We chose Content Central based on the value for the feature set that would have costs thousands of dollars more elsewhere. Support is always available to help solve any issues we run into.

We hope to grow the database to include historical data which will reduce the amount of time necessary to pull paper files. The software is easy to support and requires very little maintenance other than an occasional software upgrade which provides new, rich features.

Timothy Gozzano
Windows System Administrator
Green Hills Software

Hospital Without Walls

Hospital Without WallsIn my industry, software and technology are imperative to delivering quality services in a timely and efficient manner. Our need to have reliable, relevant, and current information available and accessible has been met through Content Central for almost two years now, and it never ceases to amaze me--not just the great product, but the service behind it. No software is great without great support, and it's hard to find a company that can deliver in both these areas.

When we were first implementing Content Central, we needed a link that would allow us to preview the data before it was submitted to the system. Any other software company would have faxed me an update-request form, and that would have been the end of it. They transferred me to a software-development technician on the spot so they could better understand my request, and Content Central was updated in a week. That quick implementation saved our operation substantial time and resources.

Brandon Blake
Business Manager
Hospital Without Walls

Implant Direct

Implant DirectThe Content Central solution is a great way to go paperless. It's such an incredible program where it gives you the look and feel of a Windows Explorer type view. I can quickly search from the created folders and find any document I need. It opens up in a preview, and in case it's the wrong document, I can move on without having to wait to open the entire document. We've added it as a link under our Intranet and all users in the company are now going here to look at the history and archives for our company. To me the savings in paper alone has paid off the cost of this purchase, along with the need for less file cabinets. With everyone going green, why would you not choose Content Central for your archiving needs? Sameer Saggar IT Manager Implant Direct

MarkOne Financial

MarkOne FinancialWe had a physical file room that was getting out of control due to new business and our legal file-retention requirements. While we were scrambling to keep the file room organized, it was getting incredibly difficult to get the correct file to the correct person in a timely manner. We had started a rudimentary process of scanning files to a network drive, but users did not have an easy way to search and retrieve these files. The bottom line was that both the physical and electronic files were hard to find and organize.

One of our primary requirements for a document-management system was that it should be easy to install and manage. Budget was also a constraint such that we could not entertain the traditional vendors in this market. Security at the document level was important, as well as the ability to audit any activity by user and document. Other features we were looking for was an intuitive Web interface, the ability to import and export documents easily, automatic file recognition, and a scanning application that integrated seamlessly with the system.

Implementation of Content Central was quite easy. We noticed an immediate decrease in requests for physical files as the electronic versions can be easily searched and retrieved. It's easy to add additional documents to the electronic customer folder, and new documents are being added in a more timely manner. Now that we're able to audit the document trail in Content Central, the physical documents are no longer needed.

Going forward, we are planning to integrate Content Central into our document-centric business process using its robust workflow engine. We also plan to use the XML and barcode capture descriptors to integrate with other systems in the organization.

I have used some of the top-rated and most expensive document-management systems at various organizations. I am comfortable in stating that Content Central packs nearly all of their features for a fraction of the cost.

Nikhilesh Nath
Chief Information Officer
MarkOne Financial

Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Murrieta Valley Unified School DistrictFile management with decades of documents and paperwork takes not only large amounts of physical space but many lost hours of valuable time. A process that, after years of collecting massive amounts of paper records, required a change. A decision was needed and made to do something more effectively and efficiently for our school district. We researched many digital storage solutions and set out to find the one with a feature set that would accomplish our goal of going paperless in the Murrieta Valley USD. After reviewing many solutions we discovered Content Central.

A few key features that sold us on Content Central were the web-based components to the software - so it was easily accessible from anywhere for anyone - the fact that it allowed for customization with existing systems and would fit our exact record needs while still being easy to use, and of course the simple and low pricing of the product - always a plus. Because of the success we have had implementing this software in our district, we plan to expand its use to other divisions and 'retool' their daily procedures in the coming year. Content Central is a great product, and we look forward to expanding our digital document management process to work with everything we do within our district.

Ken Balliger
Director of Technology
Murrieta Valley Unified School District


Payrolling.comElectronic documents are Payrolling.com's primary means to maintain and store information. We needed a tool to assist in managing these documents and provide a quick means of searching and sorting documents. Content Central was able to meet our needs through Zonal-OCR technology.

Our payroll managers no longer need to extract batches of scanned invoices, thus saving them each an average of six hours each week of work. Searching for details in electronic documents is quick and simple with Content Central's OCR and search capabilities. Thanks for saving us time and money in our daily work processes and customer service!

Janae Johnson
Project Manager

Professional Products

Professional ProductsWhen I purchased Content Central I also purchased three days of on-site installation. During the installation process a few issues were encountered. To resolve them, the engineer volunteered to spend a fourth day on site at no charge to make sure everything was working properly. It's so refreshing to work with a company that will immediately go the "extra mile" without us having to beg and plead.

There have been numerous occasions during non-business hours where I contacted customer support to help with processes I wanted to implement. What a convenience it is to have a technician available during weekends and evening hours, which are usually the only times I have to work on some of the EDMS processes we have been implementing. The customer-support staff should be commended for the depth of knowledge of the product and the immediate responses they are able to provide. In short, the 24x7 customer support has been fantastic.

Finally, Content Central is playing a key role in enhancing productivity within our company. All employees now have the necessary source documents right at their finger tips: Vendor Invoices, Packing Lists, Purchase Orders, Contracts, etc. Our employees no longer need to dig through filing cabinets to get the documents they need. A simple search brings all project-related documents right to their finger tips. Not only is our productivity enhanced, but also our customer satisfaction.

Jerry Goforth
Director of Finance
Professional Products

Stryker Orthopaedics

Stryker OrthopaedicsWe implemented Content Central to replace our paper-based invoicing system. The advantages of Content Central over our previous system are significant. Probably the biggest advantage is the speed which we can now find information. We can now find an invoice with a customer on the phone, rather than having to call them back after digging through the file cabinets.

Being in IT, I liked the fact that Content Central is browser based. Some of the other systems we looked at had some access via a browser, but most required a client for full functionality.

Aaron Gronert
Systems Administrator
Stryker Orthopaedics

South East Area Health Education Center

South East Area Health Education Center

Our search for a document management system started with the need to streamline our purchase requisition system. We had been using the time-tested "pass the paper" method. What we began to realize is that the paper would either end up in a pile on someone's desk or lost! We needed a document management software system in place to help us easily keep track those documents.

After exploring many options, we were sold on the flexibility of Content Central. One of the best features for us is the ability to scan a document on our copier and, before sitting down, Content Central has already processed the document and filed it exactly where we want it. Since starting with the purchase requisitions we have implemented other types of documents. Content Central recognizes each document type, and the OCR has not let us down yet!

Because of the success of the purchase-requisition project we are now getting ready to stop outsourcing the scanning and archiving of our billing and start using Content Central to do the same thing. This is a savings of $60,000 a year! Needless to say Content Central is a hero in the eyes of our CFO!

Jay Pope
Systems Analyst
South East Area Health Education Center

Grand Rapids Education Association

Grand Rapids Education AssociationAt the start, the GREA was able to thrive with a paper filing system. The first few generations of leadership had a limited number of documents to manage, and there was space for these documents to be filed systematically. Over time, however, the documents accumulated and the number of staff members who were there for the creation of the documents dwindled.

Eventually, with document storage expanding beyond the limits of their leased space and file cabinet drawers overflowing, the GREA decided it was time for a change. After witnessing the success the Lansing Schools Education Association had achieved through Content Central document management software, the GREA set out to accomplish a number of the same things: to store member consultation records; to categorize member issues by issue type, job site, etc.; to have a highly searchable archive of past grievances; to proactively identify and solve recurring issues; and to implement better financial control and audit trails for financial information such as expense vouchers, invoices, etc.

Some important documents had been virtually impossible to locate, hidden in a small folder in one of the countless storage boxes. Hours were frequently wasted digging through these overflowing records, searching for documents organized according to some method that institutional memory had since forgotten. Now, the Shumaker Technology Group is working to digitally archive every single one of these documents. When the digital imaging process has been completed and the results have been combined with Content Central document management software, the hundreds of boxes will have been taken from dirty storage closets and transformed into secure and full text searchable digital documents.

Lansing Schools Education Association

Lansing Schools Education AssociationLike most organizations, the LSEA initially began their mission with a paper filing system. However, 47 years and thousands of members later that system began to be a hindrance. Leadership and staff were being forced to rely on the institutional memory of others to find resources and documents they needed, or else flip through countless files and pages themselves in hopes of being able to recognize the materials they required. This became even more of a hassle when they moved offices and a vast majority of their filing cabinets had to be moved into a separate office downstairs.

Considering how often staff changed and how much paper the organization was storing, it quickly became apparent that they needed to find a more practical solution. Since the Shumaker Technology Group was already handling the LSEA's technology based needs, the Vice President of the LSEA reached out seeking a modern solution. After doing extensive research on document management systems, Shumaker Group made the decision to purchase and implement Content Central for the LSEA.

The results have been nothing short of ideal. In the past, finding a document required asking around, determining which grievance was being looked for, figuring out who had the file, asking around even more and hopefully finding what you were looking for. This process could take days and was especially difficult if the person who needed to find the file was not in the office. Now accurate results can be found in a matter of seconds by typing in a few simple search terms into Content Central's full text search.