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Content Central sets the standard for document management and workflow solutions. Users access and interact with the application by logging in using a preferred Web browser, from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Every operation occurs within this browser-based interface, from capturing, indexing, and retrieving documents to approving and distributing them.

Take advantage of the many benefits a browser-based application offers, including quick deployment, controlled & logged access, and remote connectivity. Administrators install Content Central on a single Microsoft Windows server or across multiple servers for performance. After user accounts have been defined, users connect from available Windows, Mac, or Linux computers on the network.

Inside Content Central you can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured from document scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts, or user interaction. Content Central converts scanned images into fully searchable PDF files, and all documents can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based on the type of document. Integrated e-mail and fax tools allow you and your team to distribute documents without requiring external software. A powerful workflow engine can manage your information behind the scenes based on system events or schedules.

Best of all, you receive every feature for one affordable price, paying only by the number of users required; there aren't any confusing add-on modules to worry about.