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STG Alumni

STG Alumni

We appreciate everyone who has worked or interned for STG in the present and the past, and these are some of the people who have contributed throughout the years to what STG is today.

As Senior Web Development, Zach handles a multitude of different tasks utilizing his degree in Media and Information with a specialization in I.T. from Michigan State University. Starting with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript languages, his skills have grown to include JQuery, AJAX, PHP, Java, and Swift. Using these skills Zach primarily works on creating website designs and developing new websites that meet a client's needs, while also maintaining and implementing new features to current websites.

In his free time he enjoys reading, playing disc golf with friends, and camping all across Michigan.

Adam is a student at Michigan State University majoring in Experience Architecture (User Experience). He enjoys that he can design with the purpose of people in mind. Adam is also minoring in Graphic Design. Minoring in Graphic design has helped him to create websites with a further understanding of design principles.

At Shumaker Technology group, Adam is focusing on his web development skills. Through working on client projects, he has developed a better understanding of how good web design should look. Adam is also sharpening his Graphic Design skills through creating website mockups, and working with many different Adobe programs.

In his spare time, Adam likes to watch way too much TV, travel with his family, go to the gym, and play tennis and basketball with his friends.

Tyler is currently attending Michigan State University for a Chemical Engineering major and a Computer Science minor. As an engineer, he enjoys solving complicated problems with efficient solutions, enjoying any challenge that comes his way. At STG, Tyler is learning the basics of front-end web development through editing websites, and he hopes to begin building websites in no time.

In his freetime, Tyler enjoys playing sports, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games.

Justin Ferraro, Marketing/Sales

Justin (JJ, Akers, Ferrari) is a current Michigan State Student studying Advertising Management and is expected to graduate May of 2022. His outgoing personality makes his entrance to the sales/marketing world a very smooth transition. His goal at STG is to have his optimistic energy be passed on to those he interacts with.

In his free time, you can find Justin going on runs (yes for fun), hanging out with friends, and playing sports. During your conversation with Justin ask him about how he got his nicknames or how many times has been injured.

Andrew Middleton, Marketing/Sales

Student-Athlete graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Andrew competed for MSU on the Track and Cross Country team and was a two-time Academic All-Big Ten recipient. He has carried his competitive disposition and goal-attaining persona to Shumaker Technology Group which he partly attributes his quick success to as the Technical Sales Leader. Andrew uses his degree in Psychology to both recognize and empathize the apprehensions Business owners and Township committees may have when considering an investment into a new website or document management software. Andrew's primary responsibilities include creating partnerships with businesses and municipalities who lack up-to-date, easily navigable websites and providing a quick-fix solution to paper-cluttered offices.

As a recent graduate, Andrew is interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in the Sports Administration sector. In his free time he enjoys fishing, running, playing ping pong and remaining close with family and friends.

Jakob Heberling, Technical Sales

Jakob is a Student-Athlete at Michigan State University. He is currently pursuing a degree in Management through the Broad College of Business. He also is pursuing an additional major in Communications. Jakob was named the MSU Diver of the year for two consecutive years on the MSU Swimming and Diving team.

Jakob’s primary responsibilities are contacting potential clients, developing new marketing strategies, and assisting in the development of website maintenance/design manuals.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling, biking, wakeboarding/surfing, and being around friends & family.

Jacob Barsheff

I am excited to be apart of the STG Team! I graduated from St. Francis high school, which is located in Traverse City, in 2017. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I took some web development courses at Northwestern Michigan College. I quickly started to enjoy programming and ended up staying for two years. In those two years I learned a lot about databases, desktop applications, and web development. I transferred to Lansing Community College this fall and will be continuing my education in computer programming. After just my first couple of classes at Northwestern Michigan College, I wanted to find an internship that I could use to further grow as a web developer. Therefore, becoming a part of the STG Team is an honor and I really look forward to working with and getting to know everyone here.

Some of my personal hobbies include working out, knee boarding, Jet Skiing, and learning new programming languages/frameworks.

Tyler Thomas, Web Developer

A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science Education, Tyler decided to make a career change and completed an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming from Lansing Community College with an emphasis on Web Development and Design. Tyler brings a background of programming and web skills including Python, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript and WordPress. Through these skills Tyler creates website designs and develops new websites that meet client's needs. On top of the technical skills Tyler has for development, he retains an affinity for the aesthetics required for modern web development and growing his skills for web, UI, and UX design is a main interest in enhancing his skills.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys video games, reading, weight training, walking and playing basketball. Tyler is a former member of the IT Student Alliance at LCC and he also volunteers at Loaves and Fishes homeless shelter. He and his friends also like to hang out and watch old horror films no matter how bad or terrible they are.

Joe Stewart

Current student-athlete of Michigan State University, pursuing a degree in Food Industry Management. Joe uses his competitive background as well as leadership skills to build relationships with customers as well as identify any updates that may be needed to their websites. The skills Joe has learned throughout his time at Michigan State have given him a useful background in both sales and marketing that will allow him to be an asset for the Shumaker Technology Group.

As a current junior at MSU, Joe plans to graduate in the spring of 2021. In Joe's free time, he enjoys playing video games, fishing, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends.

Tom Butler, Web Developer

A senior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Media and Information. Throughout his education and work experience, Tom has been exposed to a variety of products and programming platforms such as mySQL, PowerBI, html, and css. Having a varied background, a constant desire to learn, and solid work ethic has allowed him to learn new skills quickly and adapt to new positions smoothly.

Throughout his time at MSU he’s been a member of the MSU Smash Bros club, the club swim team, and he also competes in Michigan APF powerlifting. In his free time, Tom enjoys hiking, attending concerts, and playing video games.

Max Semeyn, Marketing/Sales

Max attended the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. As a marketing major, he brings his knowledge and skills to the Marketing/Sales team at the Shumaker Technology Group. Max also has a graphic design background, working in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator gives him the flexibility to help out the design team when needed. This includes bringing a client’s vision to life by creating website mockups fitting their preferred specifications and design preferences.

After his hopes and dreams of playing soccer on the collegiate level were crushed, Max joined the Men’s Club Volleyball team (best decision of his life). He mostly spent his time off the court by holding two executive positions as Webmaster and Gear Manager. He still enjoys playing soccer for fun as well as snowboarding, longboarding, and playing Hearthstone. He's also obsessed with Iron Man!

Brandon Burt

As a Web Developer, Brandon is responsible for implementing and maintaining many of our websites and is on his way to becoming an App Developer as well. He is currently a senior at Michigan State University studying Computer Science.

Since joining the STG team Brandon’s proficiency in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and JQuery have greatly improved as well as design skills. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys participating in fantasy football leagues.

Ben Martin

Ben Martin is actually just his alias to blend in to society. His real name is Aquaman, King of Atlantis! Using his fishy powers he watches over the mid Michigan area and protects us from shark attacks, deep sea monsters, and Asian carp!

He enjoys vision quests and making Kyle drive down dirt roads.
He has also been known to refer to himself as: Big Ben, Fast Hands, Quick Hands, Quick Fingers, Eagle Eye, Animal, Fifty Cent, Baby Ben, and The Grapefruit Gobler to name a few.

Keegan Wolter

Keegan worked with clients to meet their document management and website needs. He also likes to spend time exploring the great outdoors.

Andrew Brunette

Andrew studied professional writing at Michigan State University, and spent his last three years at MSU raising support for student scholarships. In his down time, he enjoys backpacking, reading, writing, and playing guitar.

Chris Webster

Chris Webster joined the Shumaker Technology Group in the summer of 2014 as a Marketing Intern. He is currently enrolled at Michigan State University and uses his marketing skills along with his knowledge of Photoshop to work on web design projects in addition to developing new leads and contributing to social media.

Brandon Laetz

Brandon joined the Shumaker Group in Fall 2012 and earned the position of Director of Marketing. Brandon leads the marketing and sales team with the selling of Content Central, our document management software, as well as websites to our clients. Currently, Brandon is working on marketing the Content Central document management system to various target markets in order to raise awareness of the growing need for document management systems.

Garrett Stevenson

Garrett Stevenson joined The Shumaker Technology Group as an intern in the Spring of 2013 working as a software/web developer. Garrett has a working knowledge of MySQL, PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS while expanding his knowledge by pursuing certifications in up and coming technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

Brock Carroll

Brock brings his experience in sales and customer relations to develop our Sales and Marketing teams. He provides new and innovative sales techniques to help grow our business and he currently focuses on selling Content Central our document management system as well as websites. Through his interactive nature he helps the Sales, Marketing, and Engineering teams work together flawlessly.

Stuart Kendall

Stuart (Stu) Kendall offers a unique range of expertise in both Marketing and Information Technology. He started with the company in November 2011 as a web designer where he built a solid foundation of web technology skills. Stuart is currently in a project management role where he's responsible for maintaining and governing all marketing and tech projects throughout the company and acts as an excellent liaison between the marketing team and the engineers.

Sean Moening

Sean Moening joined The Shumaker Group in the fall of 2011 and has grown into the position of Director of Business Development. Sean brings to the group both marketing and project management experience. In addition to The Shumaker Group Sean has worked as a project manager at two different construction firms as well as worked with Ingersoll Rand in a marketing role for several of their brands. Outside of work Sean enjoys going to Michigan State football games and being involved in the entrepreneurial tech start up community.

Taylor Beggs

Taylor has a large role in providing innovative solutions for our Marketing and Sales team. He specializes in digital advertising, SEO and social media. Currently, Taylor is responsible for marketing the Content Central document management system and assisting our engineers with IT consulting projects.

Cody Thelen

Cody "Trivia Crack" Thelen is our resident trivia crack master. He enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and scanning documents. He dislikes writing short bios.

Tony Froman

Tony attended the College of Engineering at Michigan State University. Using the skills he acquired as a Computer Science major, he brings a diverse programming background of Python, C++, C, HTML, and CSS to the Web Development Team. In addition, Tony has experience working in photo editing software that allows him to work in conjunction with the graphic design team.

At MSU, Tony is the President and Founder of the MSU ESA Rainbow Six Siege Club, having built up a playerbase of 25 members since the beginning. He also leads their competitive team as the Manager and Captain of the Varsity Team, competing nationally in the intercollegiate North American University Siege League (NAUSL). In his free time, Tony spends his time developing RPG and FPS games, composing music, and performing in the Spartan Marching Band.


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