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Computer Networking and Server Set Up

Effective communication and collaboration are essential to any business or organization. Email and flash drives are a great way to share occasional files, but don’t always cut it for business purposes, especially when you take into account the need for adequate security and backup. Your network needs to work and it needs to be secure.


The Shumaker Technology Group can assist you with setting up your network, securing your wireless network, setting up Windows & Linux Servers, configuring Active Directory, and much more. Contact us today to learn how a good network can make collaboration, backup, and disaster recovery planning easier than ever.

Remote Access:

Did you know that it’s easy to access your home computer from work or your work computer from home via the Internet? How many times have you been in one location and needed to access a file or program on a computer in another location? Let us help you setup secure remote access so you can access your digital files regardless of where in the world you are.


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